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Aug 12, 2006
Hi, my name is Kimura. Have just joined TCC. Pleasure to meet you all.

Living near Arakawa, Hirai-area (Koto-ku, Edogawa-ku)

I have started Bike since October 2005. Usually run Arawaka CR.
Prefer to ride slow and long distance rather than FAST.

Wish to join TCC events when I can.

I am planning to go to ENOMOTO Dairy Farm (http://www.os.rim.or.jp/~enomoto/) and/or UTSUNOMIYA(Tochigi
pref.)on the day between 8/19-25 (My Natsuyasumi)
Looking for someone go along.

If anyone's interested to ride along, please let me know.

Hi Kiumura-san,

welcome aboard! :welcome:

A lot of TCC members actually live in the eastern parts of Tokyo (just check my profile). :)

Your trip to the Enomoto Farm sounds very tempting. Apart from our tour to Nikko tomorrow we have the next (unoffical) tour on Aug. 19 to Yokota (Yokota Friendship Festival). Perhaps you can join us.
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