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Hello, new here!


Sep 18, 2006
Hello, my name is Carrie... I'm hoping to meet friends and business partners in Japan! Let me know if anyone wants to practice English; and I look forward to cycling with you all when I visit my new friends and teammates! I do have also an incredible gel nutrient line for us to take on our tours... relatively new :bike: .

Looking forward to meeting many of you in this community!
Carrie Gebbie, MS
310-319-1680 (Santa Monica, CA)
(work in progress...kind of like...Life!)
Hello agelanytime,

welcome to the TCC. :welcome:

I hope you can join our next tour, please check it our next TCC's tour.
Awesome! Thank you!

I'll check out the schedule!! I have a few friends from here who also want to come!! So, hopefully, we'll already have great new friends waiting! :)

Live Abundantly!
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