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Sep 28, 2011
So my old GSAstuto frame was getting creaky after pounding the pavement for around 20000km, so I decided to buy a new frame sometime back. After realizing that buying one for myself in this country was going to be a re-running joke, I jumped the drama and grabbed one from overseas. It arrived promptly and last weekend I built it up with Owens help….hang that's not right… Owen built it up with my help is better.

Here she is

Scott Foil 2013
Ultegra 10 speed (not new) Token derailer wheels (new)
Quarq crank based PM (not new)
Easton EC90 42cm (new)
Speed play TI (new)
cages (new)
new cabling, chain, cassette.
A bunch of wheels (Not new)

I know how things can get around here with photos so I picked up a new Canon D70 to make sure my inauguration photos were sufficient for you guys. So anyway I'll let the photos do the talking. Then we'll get to my review after….

image.jpeg image2.jpeg image4.jpeg image5.jpeg image3.jpeg

So jealous boys or what???


Initially my feeling is stiff. It is great out of the saddle, in fact I was spinning my back wheel in the damp up the small ramps on the river at about 700W. Something I never did with the other bike. The power transfer is wonderful.
I was expecting a rough ride but it isn't bad at all. It felt a little flighty with a cross wind, but steers nicely and feels nimble and sharp cornering.
I wasn't going full tilt this morning but still easily clocked my fastest 60min session of the year with average speed being up over 1km/hr faster than I would have expected for this amount of effort. So I guess the Aero design and power transfer adds up to something.

On a negative note (nothing to do with the bike) my PM looks to be down about 20W on what it was outputting on my other bike. I thought it might have been a bit high before so I will have to do some tests and see what kind of number it is giving. I can always buy a manual calibrating weights system and hone it in perfect. Or maybe the PM is going to take a few days to settle into its new surrounds.

Question for PM owners: Have you noticed a change in Wattage with changing bikes or BBs in crank based PM systems? @FarEast )

Overall very happy with my purchase on first ride and looking forward to honing the cockpit area to where I want it and stretching its legs on these lovely spring mornings.


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Sep 20, 2012
Ha ha. Almost spat out my orange & earl grey tea when I saw your photos.


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Sep 20, 2012
You should have got the new Nikon M9 with 50mm f0.96 , not the canon D70 (the D70 isn't half as good a camera... That's why your finger got in the frame. The more you spend, the less chance your finger will show in the shot).


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Jan 9, 2011
Tantilizing photos as we never quite get the full frame in all its shiny glory but sounds like you got a good mileage out of the last frame and that the Scott Foil feels as good as it looks. Sorry, no idea about PMs...bit jealous on that point too.


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May 29, 2012
Nice stuff, very artsy.
So what's the deal with having the garmin mount upside-down? Make the aero frame justice and make sure the computer is just in front of the stem, save that extra 0.000005watt ;)

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May 25, 2009
Question for PM owners: Have you noticed a change in Wattage with changing bikes or BBs in crank based PM systems? @FarEast )

Yes, you'll see an increase or even a decrease in wattage between frames (but it's not just frames, seat post, pedal, cranks and all other items in the drive train will change the wattage output) I get about 5 more watts out of my team hill climb bike than I do the standard road racing set up - I know its the frame as all other components are identical.

But cheap generic Chinese clone bikes can have an awful lot of flex in them and thus cost you wattage output - they are ok if you are looking for a comfortable ride that soaks up the lumps and bumps but they absorb those hard earned watts.

Also a squeeky frame doesn't sound good!
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