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Hello Morioka


May 12, 2023
Recently moved from Nagano to Morioka.

I like riding both mtb and road but/and if I had it my way, my wife and I would likely live somewhere like Bellingham or Whistler. Since I don't have it my way, we just relocated to Iwate, where she is from.

Been getting lost on some 2 to 4 hour road rides that sometimes have included long stretches of gravel, not shown on google maps.

So far the roads have included 36, 455, 169, 278, and whatever the road from Takizawa is amongst others. I am missing riding my mtb and in the parlance of our times am probably way overbiked for anything here abouts on a Santa Cruz, Tallboy. I have asked around in shops about trails and have been pointed towards Tsunatori Sports Center and have poked around Iwayama, where they most likely do not welcome mtb's. Seems mountain biking is much less a thing here.

I would be up for a ride with anyone in the area but/and would also appreciate any advice on which way to head for rides, both road and mtb? Best routes for getting out of town and avoiding traffic?

Enjoying the pace and style of our new home so far and interested to see what life in the Tohoku is like.
I'm in Aomori
MTB courses are closely guarded up here. Two reasons
1). People (casuals) riding above their level crash and it makes trouble. MTBers understand the risks and generally self help.
2). Too many riders break down the course and draws attention.
Remember when snowboards were banned on nearly every mountain in Japan, well hikers are the 2000s equivalent of 1980s skiers.

Best way to get in the loop would be ask the LBS mechanics for an intro to some MTBers.

Shizukuishi and Hachimantai areas have trails as does closer to Akita city.

Join a road team and from there the connections will build I think Sasao bike shop has a team and they seem like pretty good guys. Secret is not to be a random and to build the connections. https://sasasoubikes.com/. Would be my first regular port of call. Good luck.
Just occurred to me that Strava heatmaps would show you where locals are cycling the most.
Hope it helps and I'll see what the MTB scene turns up but without a car it gets a bit trickier for you.
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