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Hello from Yokohama


Jan 31, 2019
Hello, I am glad I found this site! I am doing three week rotations to Yokohama, I really do not feel like I can justify bringing my bike due to the constant back and forth from the states to Japan. The problem I have is I am gearing up for the race season in the states and I need to make sure I am doing more than just a hotel stationary bike. I wanted to know what you all suggested as an option for workouts like on a trainer or zwift or just anything more than just a stationary?


Maximum Pace
Dec 9, 2015
Hi and welcome to the TCC site and Tokyo, well Yokohama.

Contact Tim @ Astuto - https://www.gsastuto.com/rentals.html
He has road bike rentals. He has a drop off service either where you live or nearby where rides usually begin which is cross coffee. Might be wroth checking out.
There are rides sometimes posted here on the site. Or if you are interested I usually try to round up a few to ride on Sundays and at least one day on the weekday.

If you are interested in that send me a PM and I will give you more info and how to access my LINE account which is the text app most often used in Japan.
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