Hello from the Velomads


Oct 18, 2007
Chatellerault, France
Hi Everyone

We are a French/English couple doing a RTW bike tour.

We're in Korea right now - expect to arrive in Japan, Fukuoka late next week and head up towards Tokyo - probably arrive early December.

We'd love to hear from anyone who has any suggestions as to routes anywhere in Japan. Much as we love offroad we prefer paved roads when we are touring with our luggage. Richard's got 80kgs and I've got 60kgs (including bikes) so offroad doesn't really suit us at the moment!

Also if anyone can recommend any good bike shops that's also something we also always seem to need.

We'd love to meet up with anyone who has some free time to chat about cycle stuff - feel free to ride with us for a day or more if you feel so inclined :)

We're also looking for very very cheap places to stay (our budget is only $20 dollars a day for both of us) - don't laugh! We know Japan is incrediably expensive so we are hoping to camp most of the time so again anyone who feels they can help in that area would be a godsend.

Take care everyone.

Wishing you all tailwinds of all your journeys.

Stani & Richard


Maximum Pace
Once you get a goodish way out of the major city areas (Kansai and Kanto) camping can be very cheap. Where I used to live up north in Tohoku, lots of the local municipalities run campgrounds that charge from 0 yen to < 1000 yen. "Autocamp" and similarly named places, however, can easily be 5000 yen +. Great thing about camping in Japan, of course, is that you're never very far from a steaming hot onsen to warm up in.

Apart from that, I don't think you'll find any other accomodation for 1000 yen each; not even Youth Hostels or super-budget minshukus go that low, at least not as far as I know.

HTH--good luck with the adventure!