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Hello from Sunny Jakarta


Nov 12, 2009
Hi everyone!
I am new here... I am from Jakarta, and still in Jakarta, am also a cyclist (new as strong as you are thou..) .. I found that this website w/ much interests.... and want to know more about all of you....

In fact, I visit Japan many times, as I have my parents in law in Nagasaki / Fukuoka...(Wonder if any cyclist in Nagasaki/Fukuoka that I could ride with one day), their place is close to Isahaya....

Right now, at home, I ride my Extreme C, also LOOK 386I, my legend bikes is Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra Motorolla Team..

Anyone come/visit Jakarta, please let me know... so we could ride together

BTW: I also keen to know if I could purchase a very typical (With Japanese Kanji , is the ones that I like most ) Japanese jersey, my size is 4 (Nalini), L (Santini), my "pit to Pit" is 50cm, PLEASE....any one could assist me on this , which I will appreciated much.. I am also wondering if this kind of jersey would be (only) printed during some events/tour event, so if anyone do have it and willing to sell, (even used but still nice) would also be appreciated.

Anyway, Thanks and will be in touch w/ you all !!
Hi tjmukri,

welcome to the forum! I took the liberty of removing your email address from your post, as you do not want to feed spam bots harvesting email addies. All users can communicate through Private Messages. :)
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