Hello from Seattle

Feb 14, 2013
Hi All-

I'm a long-time bike racer from Seattle who has been traveling to Japan a few times a year for work over the past 8 years or so. I've had only minimal experience riding in Japan (in Kyoto during a 3-month stay in 2007), but was considering trying to figure out a way to experience the Japanese riding/racing scene on one of my upcoming trips.

I came across your excellent and informative forum in searching for some opportunities to ride/race in Tokyo or thereabouts. I typically stay around Minato-ku and would consider it well worth the effort to bring a bike over if I could figure out a group to ride with my typical Sat/Sun weekend off between business meetings. Hesitant to venture out alone for fear of getting lost given my almost non-existent Japanese speaking ability.

Would also be interested in doing a race if possible, recently upgraded my US license to a UCI license to enable some international racing if the opportunity presented itself.

Currently looking at the May 20-June 1 timeframe, with the ability to fudge the dates on either end if it makes sense to do so. I note that the Tour of Kumano appears to be happening at the end of June, but it's not clear to me from the postings here whether the race includes the full complement of amateur races or just the UCI 2.2 event. Is that what the JCBF three days refers to?

In any event, I appreciate in advance any input anyone might have!

Many thanks,