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Hello from Saitama


Mar 2, 2011
Hey guys n gals. My names Grant. I am a brit living here in Saitama. Im a bit of a newb really. I recently bought a hybrid and have become obsessed with bikes. Ive already ridden the 荒川自転車道 a few times (to the river mouth and back).

Im hoping to buy a road bike this month, just finding it hard which one to choose.

Look forward to loitering around the bored and maybe joining some of the events.

Alright mate

I am near you; I live near Omiya.

Send me a PM and we can meet up for a ride.

Nice one.

Welcome Grant!:D
Hello and welcome!
Choosing a bike

Be shure to Q us in on all of your bike search fun, we all LOVE talking bike and offering our opinions, you are in the right place and welcome to the Club! Ina, Nagano is where I reside let me know if you wanna ride...
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