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Hello from Katsushika/Kameari


Mar 4, 2013
Hi all,

I've just recently got back here in Tokyo from Hong Kong and Singapore where I had spent 8 years or so. I picked up cycling in Singapore, and I used to go for a few rides during week and both Sat & Sun. My wife complains about it.:)

I just went for my first ride in Tokyo along Arakawa, and I found that fantastic! Besides, I enjoyed moderate weather here compared to the heating & humid climate in Singapore. I have to go for a ride 5am in the morning so I can come back to a sheltered coffee house before 8:30am. If the time passes 8:30am, sun is high up and ready to grill cyclists on road.

I see a few reports on the Arakawa river ride. It'd be great if I can join you. Thanks!
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