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Hello from England


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Jan 14, 2008
I am from England, though I will be moving to Tokyo end of March. I am hoping to get into cycling more whilst in Japan (good way of keeping fit at the same time as seeing some of the country).

I don't have a road/touring bike as it is only recently that I have started cycling and been using my old mountain bike, and so I wanted to know where I could get one relatively cheap in Tokyo, plus any other biking assessories that I am going to need as I don't really want to bring over a lot with me.

Would like to come out and ride with some fellow cyclists, though easy rides to start with as not very experienced or fit at the moment. Maybe someone could point me in the direction of some easy rides in or around Tokyo.

Good website though, haven't had much time tiime to look at it properly but am sure it will be useful to me in the near future.


Welcome to TCC, Penny! :welcome:

Feel free to ask if you have any question, we are looking forward to riding with you.
Re: buying bikes, as long as you don't need a larger size (58 cm and up), there are lots of options and reasonably good shops in Kanto. Prices for complete bikes seem to be more here for the same level of components than in North America, but from what I understand, the UK is expensive so you might find them cheap (I'm sure the UK folk can weigh in and confirm that or not).

There is some great cycling here in Kanto, specially once you find the river routes, and a lot less rain than I remember in England... Welcome!
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