Hello Everyone :)


Jul 11, 2018
Hi Guys

My name is Americo and I come from Italy.

I'm coming to Tokyo from the 18th for one week for business and would like to do a few rides/workouts to don't lose my form.

I thought about a few options.

1st - Go to a gym / studio where they use Wattbikes or any bike / spinbike with a power meter, even without if there are no such bikes.

2nd - Would be cool to find a zwift studio, but they'll have to privide a bike as well

3rd - rent a road bike and squeeze in a few rides

Do you have any suggestions?

Your help would really be appreciated
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Jul 3, 2012
There is a studio called https://www.pedalsup.jp where they have 5x WATT Bikes and a monitor etc in front of you. Yet have sufferfest and a few other apps that you can train with. It's near either "Shin Maruko" station or "Musashi Kosugi" station. They rent out gear too like shoes, towels etc. maybe a little expensive for just a week though?

Maybe rent a bike from gsastuto as suggested above. Decent carbon bikes. Good gearing for the mountains/Hills.
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Dec 9, 2015
Welcome to the forum, Americo!

If you plan to rent a bike, you could try here: http://www.gsastuto.com/rentals.html
I also suggest renting from here. We have met up with riders from out of town in the past who have rented bikes from here and it has always worked out really well as he delivers the bike to either your hotel or a nearby coffee shop called"Cross Coffee" which is a convenient place to meet others to begin a ride to the mountains.

Also check here we have weekend rides and early morning weekday rides so we would be happy to meet up with you of the schedule works out.