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Apr 15, 2010

I looked in the mirror last week and noticed that my stomach isn't aerodynamic anymore. Fortunately, or unfortunately, my overall aerodynamic coefficient has remained relatively the same because of my thinning and receding hair line. In short I am old, slow, and out of shape.

I can't do much about the old and slow but I want to get back in shape so I'm climbing back in the saddle.

I've been living in Japan for 2 years now but I haven't been riding. In the states I was doing 30miles/day at lunch and centuries/half-centuries on a monthly basis.

Can you guys point me to a decent bike shop in the Yokohama area. I am a big fan of Trek and Canondale and would love to get a decent carbon frame.

Also, I have a garmin gps iin the US. Will it work here if I get it shipped?

Thanks and nice to meet everyone.
Welcome to the forums!

First stop is Y's Road found eactly half way between Yokohama station and Sakuragicho Station.


Good shop for Treks or Canondales or you could go pay the TREK concept store in Sagamihara a visit.

Also the Garmin will work but the Japanese sources maps won't display the Kanji so you can either buy one here at crazy prices or get the upupdown maps: http://uud.info/

All in english but missing some road data although they have now released the 10m topographic plugins.
Yoko Rides

Route 16 to 40 to 467 to Enoshima is a good ride; once it warms up I`ll be game for it.

Care to saddle up tomorrow?
Hi Shant,

AAA: Far East mentioned very good shops, but following 2 shops might be nearer to you.
1. Bike Plus at Kohoku New Town (Trek & G Fisher only)
2. Seo Cycle at Tressa Tsunashima ( All brands)

BBB: Garmin maps
If you do not care the quality of map (map is good but not routable), you can use
also, several other privately developed Garmin maps are available,
I am using good free topo map for Forest road MTB riding.

CCC: Bike Routes from Shin-Yokohama
My place is 5 miles up stream of Tsurumi-gawa cycling road, so you may find some of
my blog entries are useful.
Also, (maybe FarEast is James) his blog is very useful. Please check them!

Enjoy riding in ShinYokohama area.
Rides from or around Shinagawa


I arrived in Tokyo on Monday night and am yet to get out on my bike due so I'm desperate to find any rides this weekend that I can join. I don't know my way around at this stage, but I have a Japanese BB and it has a maps function so I can probably manage to not get lost if I'm lucky.

I did see a thread earlier for a MOB Sayonara ride for tomorrow, but I don't know if I've missed the opportunity to join that or not. Hope to see some like minded cyclists out on the roads in the near future
Hi Turtle,

>I did see a thread earlier for a MOB Sayonara ride for tomorrow, but I don't know
>if I've missed the opportunity to join that or not. Hope to see some like minded
>cyclists out on the roads in the near future

Tomorrow is a few hours away, so you may not be able to reach, but
"Jimmy from Shinagawa" (who is a total stranger for me) may help you.
Check his blog.

Also, you had better to put your introduction in a separate entry I guess,
so as to have better responses.
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