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Hello every one!!


Mar 8, 2009

I'm Christian Norlin, a Swedish cyclist living in Yokohama.

I have lived in Yokohama since spring 2007 but unfortunately no come across TCC until now. My main rides are in and around Yokohama and along Tamagawa.
Any suggestions to new exiting rides are always welcome !!

I'm currently riding an old MTB but I'm desperately looking for a proper road bike.
There are two issues thought; I'm 192 cm and bikes in Japan currently costs twice as much as in Sweden :(. I have looked all over Yokohama/Tokyo for a bike in my size but so far with out any luck.

Hope to be able to join you all on the road soon.

Big bikes...

Welcome to TCC!

I'm only 187cm, and I've never, ever seen a bike in stock in my size in shops here...many brand distributors simply don't ship larger sizes into the country, even.

Because of that and the pricing, many of us order online from overseas. Just to throw out one recommendation, Competitive Cyclist are good to work with for buying bikes (too pricey for parts).

Good luck with finding a bike and hopefuly see you on the road soon!
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