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Hello and yoroshiku from Chiba


Maximum Pace
Sep 1, 2007
Hello all! Just signed up so thought I'd best introduce myself here. Name is Phil, late 30s, Brit-born Canuck but now pushing a decade in Japan. Moved out here to inaka Chiba (near the airport) last year and have been exploring the roads around the Kujukuri coast and Tone River since then. I stumbled on this site recently and have been enjoying everyone's posts and trip photographs. Would love to hook up for rides out on the eastern side of Kanto at some point...




Welcome! I biked through Chiba prefecture on my way to Yokohama from Aomori including 九十九里浜. Might you want to bike around the Boso Hanto?
nice to here from you phil! By all means lets hook up for some riding!

Keep your eye on our official and and unofficial tour threads and come and join us.


Cheers for the warm welcome everyone! I will definitely keep an eye open for the tour threads.

I have in fact been thinking about doing a loop around Boso Hanto at some point. Signed up for the Tour de Chiba and will be doing that in a couple of weeks as a warm-up and to get to know the southern end of the prefecture a little better--I think I remember reading an account of a ride down there on this board, in fact.

Anyway, thanks again for the welcome!

(Oh, and sorry about name duplication Phil--should have called myself Phil2 or something to avoid confusion :) )
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