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Hello all


Apr 23, 2007
Hi, Ger here. I'm relatively new to Tokyo, I have been here less than 6 months, from Australia.
I used to be a triathlete, but now I exercise (not train).
I'm living in Meguro-ku and looking for trainig routes in the Tokyo area and if there are organised training rides etc.
:) Looking forward to meeting you guys.
Hi Ger . . .

Welcome to TCC :welcome: . I am waiting for my bike to return from my last triathlon. I will be arranging some long weekend rides in a few weeks. Look out for the posts. We will be very happy for you to join us and can get you outside Tokyo on some great roads.

I am new to triathlon so maybe I can learn from your past experiences.


Hi Philip, thanks mate. keep me posted on rides etc. I will need to get my fitness up to scratch. I saw your tri results earlier, thats pretty impressive. I also need to get a Road Bike.
Hi Ger234-san,

welcome to TCC!!!.

looking forward to seeing you and your new bike!!

Sora from Takayama
hi Ger!

Welcome to TCC pal! Look forward to you joining us.

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