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Hell Of The Mariana's


Nov 16, 2007
If you a re looking for a tough work out and a vacation then come down to Saipan. 3.15 hours away.
Without doubt the toughest bike race in Mircronesia although only 100KM
Dec 06 starts at the Pafic Islands Club Resort ( All bikers get a special room rate of $80.00 USD per night).
Check out the website hompicsaipan.com you can race as a team of 2 or 4 if you want
Prize money only goes to the individual racers 1st place $1,000 USD, second $500.00, 3rd $300.00
Medals and prizes for all age groupers

you can also race in the road or moutain bike category but the prize money is for the road bikers.Teams are very popular in this race and many just race for fun.
To get an idea of the hills and difficulty the winning time last year in the first ever race was 3hrs.20mins

So far 73 bikers including teams have signed up from Guam, Saipan, Korea and Japan I hope you can all join and enjoy the beautiful Island of Saipan Temp today 21 overnight and 28 during the day. Expect the same on race day.
This looks brilliant !

wish I had known about it earlier though......

Sorry for the late notice

I did post it a few months ago, but proabably did not do it correct

The race is alot of fun, we also have race primes that are not for the Pro's

It is only for bikers riding in packs of 4 or more on certain hills thet can break away and collect money $50 per prime and prizes. They don't know what hill it will be on. The guy is dressed as a devil and appears at the top of a long climb tempting riders to take the prize. Team members can take a prize as well.

The awards fuction is all the food and beer you can drink and is straight after the race around 1PM.

See it just keepds getting better.
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