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Headed to Tokyo - stores to visit?


Oct 28, 2015
I'm headed to Tokyo next week and am looking for any suggestions for bike shops to visit. I'm looking for a Tokyobike-style hipster store, but one that carries models not readily available in the US. I visited the Tokyobike store in NYC and while I like the looks, the components leave much to be desired.

If you have any suggestions for stores that might sell frames that would be helpful too. Thanks!


Maximum Pace
Aug 28, 2012
I've no idea what Tokyobike stores are like. The company's website shows bikes whose frames have single colours and slightly unusual seat clusters.

I think the hiphopster approach is to have a frame made to your order. (If you already have an Iride, it will be complemented by an Iribe.) This is likely to take a long time.

As for off-the-peg frames, if you come from the US and are returning there, I'd imagine that it's easier to buy one there. (Wherever you buy it, it's likely to have been made in Taiwan or China.)
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