Have you seen this ... Rindo ?

I have some camping commitments in Izu over the 3 day holiday, so while the missus drives there I'm thinking of taking the ol' legs out the closet and just cycling there instead. My question: does anyone know this rindo, and if it's cycling-friendly, hikling-friendly or just plain impassable:
http://www.mapmyride.com/route/jp/nr hakone/534127908087246749

Thanks !
Jan 20, 2009
great road

Hi SteveT

This is, I believe, one of my regular routes(I live in Gotemba, next to Hakone).

So if I'm not mistaken, part of that road is called the Myojin rindo. There is a branch called the kuro shiro rindo as well. Anyways, it's all paved with no cars on it. Most cyclists prefer the climb to Ashigara pass, which is good too.

So please try it, you'll like it.

If you have any other questions about it, just pm me.
Thanks Toledo ! Always nice to try a new rindo - well, most of the time...

"Camping commitments"... Now those are the kind of commitments I could enjoy... :)
But Phil, what with the sitting-around-drinking-beer commitments, the relaxing-in-an-onsen commitments and the combination of both, well, I'll be ready for another holiday after all this ...:D