Have rail pass, will travel

Hi all

Couple of years ago managed to get out for a ride with @Sibreen at the end of my ~4 week trip. I lived on and off in Japan for ~2 years, around 2010, and have done a good amount of cycling in Kansai, plus some in Shikoku and Kyushu. Trying to fill in the gaps a little this time, starting with some alpine riding.

Any advice/recommendations appreciated! And if anyone is available to/wants to join, more than welcome :)
And of course the below will be subject to weather and my legs...

The last week of my trip, the first week of November, I will have a rail pass - so interested to hear everyone's bucket-list for rides across Japan. Maybe the Noto Peninsula, or Tohoku somewhere (although it might be getting a little cold)?

For the main part of the trip, no rail pass, I'm starting out October 2nd with a few days in Kawaguchiko - planning on riding from the edge of Tokyo, say Ome (not sure what rt139 from Otsuki is like, maybe I do a bit more riding around Okutama and then train from Otsuki) or Takao (via rt413?). If anyone has recommendations for route that'd be great, or wants to join, even better (although first few days are weekdays).
Have a 5 lakes and some Fuji ascents planned, weather dependent, and then:

Saturday 5th - Crystal Line with an ascent of Kitaokusenjodake, finishing up somewhere along the train line between Kobuchizawa and Saku
Sunday 6th - Rt94 out of Tomi, then Tsumagoi Panorama Line and the Asama Shirane Kazan Rt up to Manza/Shirane, then the 471/502 up to Nozawa.

After that I'm planning on heading to Matsumoto and tackling Norikura, open to any nice routes between Nozawa and Matsumoto. Maybe I could get the train to Ueda and rode over to Matsumoto from there. I did do the Venus Line on my last trip (which isn't to say I wouldn't do it again)

After that I was thinking to train/bus through Nagoya to Kumano, and ride to Hashimoto (edge of Wakayama/Osaka), or maybe some more riding on the Kii Peninsula. Then looking at some riding through Kyushu, and Yamanami Highway in Kyushu, potentially between Kagoshima and Oita/Beppu.

Again all recommendations welcome!