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Hatsumode (Narita-san)


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Jan 14, 2007
Our club usually does a Hatsumode ride in the 1st week of January. This year it was to Narita temple.
The journey breakdown.
[Noda--Edogawa---Toneunga (canal) route 7---Teganuma---Tone river---Narita Temple---Inba--Teganuma---Noda.]

I hadn't ridden for a few weeks so I got up early and left around 6:00a.m. from Noda. I took a few pics of the pre-sunrise skyline along the Edo river and will upload a few later.
. (meeting place was 8a.m at Teganuma (lake) Abiko. I got there well before 8, but wanted to take my time. Stuck a hot can of cocoa down my chest...
It was freezing.

The lake was also beautiful with the sunrise and we took photos along the way. Riding North along the canals towards the Toneriver.

There were about 20 of us and we split into safe groups of 4s and kept a safe distance to allow cars to pass etc. One guy drove his car for support and bag carrying.

We arrived at Narita via Tone river and route 408 much quicker than I imagined and made the trek up the stairs and wiggled through the crowds to make our prayers and wishes at the temple.

Lunchtime: I didn't want to eat much (as usual) but we went to an all you can eat place and I was sensible... was good food and refills of oj got the engine full again. 1281 yen later we decided to go. We headed back a different way for variety and side tracked off to Inba to see the Siberian Swans on their Winter vacation and took some more great photos...

I was stopping for piss stops along the road all day and more so than anybody else...must have a leaky valve that needs seeing to.

As we approached the last section back to Teganuma the front group started to pick up the pace and a bit of a race developed amongst the rice paddy roads to break the monotony of the final leg for most.
A lot of the guys drove to Teganuma and were ready togo home but I still had an extra 25kms to get to my place....so I didn't stick with the bunch sprint and let them go...coming in between them and the stragglers.

The last 5kms along Edo river and Mt. Fuji put on a show to top the day off.

Haven't done a century for a long time....

Total distance 138kms.

Will add in some pics later....
My stomping grounds...

Nice ride Pete... You went right through my common stomping grounds; I often go up through Sakura to Inbanuma Lake and along that Nagamon(?) River (長門川) bike course up to the Tone R. Funny you mention the swans, as a week ago an older gent on a road bike stopped me on one of the bridges and asked me if I knew where "the swans" were at--I hadn't seen them so I couldn't help. Now I know what he was looking for, anyway... Did you see the famous pelican too that hangs out by the path? :)


Looking forward to seeing the pics. Let me know if you're ever up that way again--maybe we could hook up...
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