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Has anyone been on this Rindo off R139?


Maximum Pace
Sep 24, 2007
Was thinking about attempting this ride and wanted to know if anyone has been on this road before? Pucci/Phillip? You guys are the pioneers, any comments? Is it passable? The satellite image was taken in winter and the road is snowed over. I'm talking about the rindo that starts on R139 and loops down to R510.

Hah Hah! Otoge 1500m.

You will find some differences of opinion here. It is steep and well paved between Otsuki and the summit (with the "beware of bears" sign.) The back side is paved but has been closed to traffic and allowed to fall into "disrepair." I say the back makes a great climb after Tsuru and Matsuhime.

Travis and perhaps Philip too would tell you that the back is simply not fit for riding. There certainly is moss (and rocks and branches and potholes and sheer fifty meter drops with no guardrail.) I would have to agree that decending the back side on a road bike would be suicidal.
Cheers Philip

Read the report, so it looks passable. Now the big question, is anyone keen to try this ride with me as I don't think I'd like to do it alone, as in it will decrease my chances of being eaten by a bear if there are more people:D?

Seriously though, thinking this Saturday or the next weather depending. Early start, well relatively early, say 9pm at the junction of R64 and R413......

Pucci, was thinking of doing it anti clockwise, from R139 up to Otoge.....is this the safest way?
Mike and Pucci are riding their bikes up the back side of Ootoge when they hear a fearsome growl from behind. They both look back to see a large brown bear charging up the road towards them.

Mike reaches down and tightens his shoes. Pucci looks at Mike incredulously and blurts out "you don't think you can out ride that bear do you?".

Mike gives Pucci an apologetic smile and replies "I don't have to, I just have to out ride you!" :D
I've been very sick since the week befor the Fuji race. Got on a bike for the first time in 8 days on Tuesday, but the lungs are still recovering. I need a couple of weeks to pull out of this.

In any case, I have to see the orthodontist on Saturday to learn how much it will cost to fix my daughter's teeth. Job is not cosmetic and has to be done, but my guess is something like the cost of a Colnago Ferrari.:confused:

Next Saturday I need to baby-sit a server installation, and if all does not go well, I will have to work on Sunday too.

How about Saturday 7/11 for the original Stupid Ride. Rinko to Takao, then over Wada Pass, Tsuru Pass, Matsuhime Pass and Ootoge. Then down to Otsuki and beer/bail. Or back to Tokyo if you are really keen.

What do you think?
Sounds like you've been in a bad way.... Have only really just recovered from my Fuji cold as well...

How about Saturday 7/11 for the original Stupid Ride.

Was wondering a little about what happened to the "stupid ride".
Philip, that's hilarious! Although I reckon if Pucci came along the bears would be scared off by his coughing. OK I'm gonna start another thread in the Unofficial rides section and try and get some people for this ride. Sorry Pucci, but I was hoping to start it from Hon Atsugi.
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