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Help Hard Travel case


May 23, 2016
Hey Guys,

I will fly to Europe for the whole July and I am looking for somebody who has a hard travel case and would be willing to rent it out to me.

Please pm me or post if you know somebody/have something...

Thanks for the help!



Maximum Pace
Jan 30, 2015
Might have shared what I learned from this with @AG_ already, but an informative read on the subject:

“The perception is that [hardshell cases] are more rigid and tough, but the likelihood of them falling of the belt-loader on their way into the aircraft is actually a lot higher than padded bags.”

Trek DJ

Maximum Pace
Jan 27, 2009
No worries, enjoy your trip!!

Just a few tips...cause more than the case (soft or hard) its the technique in packing that matters.

-Use pipe foam to cover all tubes
-Use thick foam (pipe foam works for this too) around the chainrings
-Put the chain in the large ring, and take off the RD.
-Use old hubs or fork/rear end blocks to further protect the frame
-Use old tubes, cut up, and lash everything down so that nothing is moving around.
-Pack your clothes/soft gear into plastic bags and use it for extra padding/protection
-If you need to take off your stem, go get some cheap alloy spacers to fill up that space the stem leaves so that the HS assembly is not loose/moving around.
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