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For Sale Handlebars, stems, magura hs33, seatpost, tires and tubes, SRAM X.0 shifters, Mavic wheel


Speeding Up
Jul 29, 2012
Hi there, I've accumulated some clutter that I don't need anymore, some are from my old MTB bike (that I sold in July this year) and some are from my current road bike that I used for a short period of time and replaced for various reasons.

All the images are here

Items can be picked up in Musashi-Koyama (Shinagawa-ku, 2 stops from Meguro) on weekends or weekday evenings, or in Otemachi (weekdays working hours), larger items (handlebar, wheel) 2 days notice for pick-up in Otemachi).
Willing to post.

I will accept offers in the exact order of replies (dibs) to this thread, in case of no-contact or no-show or cancelation within 3 days the item goes back for sale.

Here goes:

  1. Road drop handlebar - full carbon, no name, C-C 44cm, drop 13-13.5, reach 8-9, used for a month (I got it with my frame, then replaced to another bar). According to Tim, the bar seems to be from an older "classic" mold - if you like classic geometry then this might work for you, but for me it didn't fit well (I was hitting my wrists onto the bar when in drops), we consulted that with Tim and Chuck and I ended up with an ergo-bend handlebar that I like. 2000 JPY
  2. Deda zero 100 stem, 120mm, I used it briefly on my road bike to offset the "no-offset" seatpost that I had mounted at that time (selling that one as well, replaced with a setback post during Chuck's fitting session). It has a small blemish on the top (or bottom depending how you mount) that was there when I bought it, other than that it's in near-new condition. 2000 JPY
  3. Thomson Elite 31.6 seatpost, no setback, cut - length after cutting 25.5 cm to the area where the tube becomes rail mount, roughly 27-28cm to the saddle rails. 3000 JPY
  4. Magura HS33 late 2009 rim brakes, front and rear, the hoses are cut "western style" - left is front. Used for some 3000km on my MTB, taken off at the beginning of 2013 (when I assembled my road bike), and for the whole year they were in a bag unused.Front (left) brake hose is cut to roughly 55cm,Rear (right) brake hose is cut to roughly 113cm.With brakes comes original Magura bleeding kit, bleeding oil (roughly 2/3 of the bottle left), 2 syringes, 2 bleeding hoses with fitted ends, a few spare olives and parts (some are for hydraulic not the rim brakes), leftover hose after cutting (length 72cm), new brake pads - one pair Magura, and two pairs BBB hydrostop (the bleeding kit and brake pads are worth over 8000 JPY alone). 15000 JPY
  5. SRAM X.0 grip shift shifters, used for some 2500 km, I did have a crash with them, and the left shifter's plastic window is cracked and it won't go back all the way to the gear 1 (on the picture you can see how far does it return), very likely some shard from the plastic window got stuck inside and is blocking the return - with little effort it might be easily repairable. The rear shifter works flawlessly with no issues (I replaced both after the crash, in mid-2012).Comes with 2 brand new shifter cables (original SRAM that I never used). Video from the crash available here (action at 12:30). 3000 JPY
  6. New (unused) Ritchey Tom slick PRO 1.4 tire (26 inch), comes with free Schwalbe inner tube (unused). 2000 JPY
  7. New (unused) Panaracer Ribmo PT 1.5 tire (26 inch) (still with original price tag of over 5000 JPY), comes with free Schwalbe inner tube (unused). 3000 JPY
  8. Used (couple hundred km) Panaracer Ribmo PT 1.5 tire (26 inch). 1500 JPY
  9. Used (2500km) 2009 Mavic Crossride rear MTB wheel (includes used Panaracer Ribmo PT 1.5 tire and a tube), I replaced the front wheel after a crash in mid-2012 (the same when I crashed the shifters), and bought a whole new wheel set, since then the rear wheel was unused. Comes with spacer ring for the freewheel and a QR skewer (not pictured, I should be able to find it soon). The wheel will be true and lubricated to the best of my skills. 6000 JPY
  10. Charge bullhorn handlebar with Race Face stem (90 or a 100) for 1-1.8 steerer, unknown mileage, got it with my fixed gear bike in London and replaced with Deda Crononero and another stem. 1000 JPY
  11. Hylix carbon handlebar 44cm C-C, this one has ergo-bend shape, slight sloping if you want to keep the tops flat, rather large (14-15) drop and reach (8-9). (this handlebar is very popular on Ebay and costs 8700 JPY) I'm selling because it doesn't suit my Campy hoods the way it worked with SRAM. 5000 JPY
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Speeding Up
Jul 29, 2012
Deda 120mm stem sold.

New item available - Hylix 44cm ergo carbon handlebar (added to the original list)
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