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Half Tour de Christoph this Saturday!


Maximum Pace
Sep 24, 2007
To avoid confusion I've started a new thread.
OK just to sort everything out. This is the half Tour de Christoph on Saturday, June 7th. It will be realtively fast, so if you're coming please bring a road bike and preferably lycra. I'm flexible with the course, so if some people feel like riding a bit further, we can continue along R35 or somewhere near there. So far we have

Phil Harris

I have posted the map created by Simon below, and the meeting point is the junction of R246/129 and R43 (厚木市立病院前), near Hon Atsugi Station at 9am. It is point number 30 of 297 on the map. Simon is coming from Hashimoto, hence the start and finish point being there. David, Phil and myself are coming from Atsugi, so we'll come home via R64 I presume!


Should be a good ride, so please be there if you want to join us.

I'm in!

See you in front of the hospital at 9 am. B
Excellent day

Mike, thanks very much for organising this ride. It was a really nice hit out. Beautiful scenery. Hope to catch up again with all participants soon. B
Thanks everyone, I also had a really good day's outing :)
Ben, did you pick up your bag of limbs ok? ;)
body parts

No issues there, thanks Simon. Chatting to some friends last night, I think the locker ban may be due to the G8 summit? Still not sure what that has to do with Atsugi though...
Thanks for coming guys:clap:. It was a nice day out especially the last climb. Nice scenerey eh!! Look 4ward to riding with you again soon.

Would either of you be up or a full Tour de Christoph next Sat weather depending? Just thinking about it at the moment. It's around 140km round trip from where we met last Sat. There's a 1000m climb in, really great ride. What do you think? As I said above I'm not 100% and just putting the feelers out. Simon after your performance last Sat you'd be fine for this one too. Will start another thread if I decide to go through with it. If we met at 8am we should be back by 2 or 3pm. Ben?

p.s Simon, obviously you got home fine. Was it easy from where you left us?

Thanks for letting me join you

Hey guys,

It was great meeting all of you and I really enjoyed the ride. Thanks for letting me join you. Sorry my fitness isn't up to par with you guys and you had to wait for me up some of the climbs....okay, all the climbs.

I'd be up for another trip to the mountains if you don't mind me tagging along. I figure the only way to get the mountain legs is to keep riding them, right?


What route did we take?

Hey guys,

I was going back through the map that Simon mapped out on Bikely (http://www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/147953) so that I could follow it incase I wanted to do this route by myself. Can you tell me if this is the exact route that we did and what did we do around point #89/90 since the route doesn't quite follow the map at that point.

Many thanks,

Dave, point 89/90 is the dead end climb Simon, Ben and myself did towards the end of the ride.
Hi guys,
sorry about that, was editing the map to include that last climb whilst waiting for the washing... washing was done before the map, stay tuned :)

if you could, can you tell me the Route numbers for the parts to make up the full Tour de Christoph. I like making maps :D
Follow R35 till the end turn left onto R139, left onto R24 return home vis R413, enjoy making it mate! u keen for sat?
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