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Maximum Pace
Nov 4, 2006
That's what I'm calling this one!
It's a serious "training ride" in the mountains - our last go in the hills before Hotaka the following week.

I originally planned to do this one by myself, because I didn't want the extra responsibility - I'm thinking about using Sora-san's disclaimer...
[TCC is not liable for any damage to person or vehicle during any tour, ride, bicycle excursion. All responsibility belongs the person involved...etc.etc.]
I'll endeavor to translate it properly in the near future.
In the meantime, you get the idea!

The ride though, is 85km over two climbs - Start at Musashi-Itsukaichi station, follow the regular Okutama-ko loop, come down past the lake and then up once more to Nokogiri-yama before finally rolling back down to Musashi-Itsukaichi station.
Check out the map/course here:

There are certain criteria for this ride though - 85km...NON-STOP!!!
"There will be NO stops on this ride".
It starts at the station, and ends at the station. Nothing in between (Hence the disclaimer) - If anyone has problems along the way, there might not be anyone to come back and get you - so if you want to come along, make sure that you have all the spare tubes you might need, bring your pump... everything!

It will be 70% (distance) of the Hotaka race, and I figure if I can do that, the actual race won't be so bad.
I will have my secret weapon in the form of "Nicorrette" gum!:smoke:

Sunday 28th, seems like the best bet so far!
It might not be fast, but it'll be hard because "you're not allowed to stop!"
I've already invited "Deej", but anyone else who thinks it might be fun....
You're most welcome:cool:
Won't be able to make it but have a good one Travis! The nicorrette gum sounds like a good idea. Does that mean you won't be having any warm up beers too?:eek:
you'll have to make sure you don't go past any conbini too...they have beer sections...:beer2:
I'm still down for the Half-Pucci on Sunday if that day works for you, Travis. What time were you planning on arriving at the station?

Rain, rain, go away!

that's sound funny - even more because of non stop :))))
I will let youknow by sat. if I have time, the trip even becomes more interesting by follow yout he whole time to check if you won't make a secrect stop for ??????
Still on!

I'm aiming to be at the (Musashi-Itsukaichi) station by 9:30, and roll out by 10am.
Also hoping to complete the 85km course within 4 hours.

>Deej: Thanks for your motivation & willingness to do this ride - Sunday's still good for me too.
>cinelli: I look forward to you watching my back!

Most of the guys who've ridden with me before know that, "I likes me breaks..."
But what you may not be aware of, is that when I set my mind on a race goal, I WILL start kicking my own arse into action.

I'm only doing this ride to see if I can actually do it - The truth is, I'm not too confident about the Hotaka race, so I at least need to check myself on this one - even if no-one else comes along, I need to know for myself.

>Ash: Thanks for the "combini" warning, but my mind is set for this - I won't be stopping!
>Mike: Thanks for your kind wishes! Wish you were here (suffering like a dog too:D) See you on race day, eh! T

And for both "Deej" & "cinelli": IF... we are still feeling OK after the ride, we may all consider riding back down Tamagawa together!

Take it easy on the downhills tomorrow, looks like it might be a tad wet :rain:

Can't make this one

I have other plans this weekend - have a good ride. Nicorette patches and beer in your water-bottle should see you through the 85 km. :D
Fingers crossed for better weather at the race next weekend!

Sunday, mate!


Take it easy on the downhills tomorrow, looks like it might be a tad wet :rain:


Not "Tomorrow"!
But will take care anyways!
Ciao! T
Alrighty, here's the latest status report:

As you know, Travis, my son is slated to have an 運動会 tomorrow. There is a possibility that the event will be canceled due to rain and moved to Sunday. If that happens, I will not be able to ride. Which would be a major frowny face.

However, the powers that be may choose to reschedule the 運動会 (yeah, I can rock the kanji :cool:) for a different week, in which case -- barring heavy rain on Sunday -- I will be good to go as planned.

I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I find out what the plans are.

>Cristoph, I hope you can make it! (I hope *I* can make it!) If you do come, I promise to give you one of my PowerBars, as I could tell you were a little jealous last week. :D

Yappari, the sports festival was moved to Sunday, meaning I cannot make the Half-Pucci tomorrow. :( Dang -- I was really looking forward to this one.

It looks like the weather is going to be excellent for you. I look forward to reading your ride report!

Have fun and good luck, T!

I will try to get over there.....
would do you guess - how far is it from tamagawa 246 bridge?

see you
Getting there...

Mike, Aaron, Deej: It really is a shame you can't make it.
I was looking forward to a bigger group.

Now it's just me, Alan & Christoph... I reckon they're both gonna put some hurt on me:eek:uch:

>Christoph: Following the river, from the Rte.246 bridge, it's 32km to the Rte.7 bridge. I'll get off the train at Haijima, and meet you at that bridge at 9am - Then we'll the ride 10km to Musashi-Itsukaichi.
See you there! T

>Alan: just received your mail as I was typing this - See you there too!

Looks like we'll have great weather though, if maybe a little windy.
Made it!!!

The full report is done!
Read it at your leisure.
Bravissimo! Glad to hear you made it back safe and sound.

Sure wish I could have joined you guys. The undokai was great fun, but I can't say my mind didn't wander on occasion in the direction of Okutama....

On a largely unrelated note, I was cleaning my bike today (something I often do when I can't ride but need some kind of bike fix) and noticed what appears to be a hairline crack almost completely encircling the tube just above my seatstays. Gonna take it to the bike shop tomorrow and get the lowdown.

Imagine if it is indeed a catastrophic failure waiting to happen and I had been able to join you in the mountains today. Perhaps the undokai saved my skin!

well done!


Good job!

Nice to bump into you guys today! Yasuhiro and I rode out from Kamishakujii to the Okutama bridge and back so put 109 km on the clock. We were pretty happy with this and the time, it was a bit of training run for our Okinawa tour!

After leaving you guys at the station you must have blown past us when we were in the loo at the bridge, missed waving you on!

Always nice to see TCC well represented at good old musashiichikaiichi station!

Good luck on your tour!

hey travis

I lost your summary.....

only my add on - after leaving you at hijima I got back to tamagawa by a nice headwind.... just at my normal way home I deceided to do a little bit of excursion to improve my experience about tokyo road's. so at route "something", 4 km before 246 I went down route "9" looking for another solution of getting back to Eda station, which finally made me an additional loop of approx. 45 km, when getting to known area at Machida I went back to good old route 246 which guided my home.
the result was a nice, finaly 230km loop incl. a "street fight" with a car at Machida, which I lost by lying the the car front lid - fortunatelly my bike is o.k. and I only have a big bruise.... so the final kilometers had not been that smoth anymore :))

see you
Hey Travis,

I liked your report, not wordy at all! I mean, not "wordier" than usual. :)

incl. a "street fight" with a car at Machida, which I lost by lying the the car front lid - fortunatelly my bike is o.k. and I only have a big bruise.... so the final kilometers had not been that smoth anymore.

Close combat with a car, Christoph? Never seen you do that on Route 16. :D

Hope you're alright though!
Well done on the ride guys, and I hope the car that Cristoph hit is okay :) :D

The full report is done!
Read it at your leisure.

Sorry of the stupid question Travis, but where do I find this report of which you speak?
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