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Jan 30, 2008
I'm Ben from Sydney, Australia.

I've been cycling since the middle of 2006. I got into it because a bunch of people at work were doing it and they never stopped talking about it. I soon found out why and now my wife suffers the same fate.

While in Sydney, my steady weekday ride was from Centennial Park to La Perouse and back via the beaches (Maroubra, Coogee, Bronte). Sometimes would throw in a City to Surf type ride for variety. Weekends were sometimes a combination of the two, other times ride out to Akuna Bay, West Head etc, and sometimes to the Royal National Park. No more than about 100km.

I moved to Tokyo in January 2008 and have been struggling a bit with finding good routes for cycling. I need to find them quickly though as my big plan for the year is to go to the Dolomites in May with that same crew from work. Most of them are super fit (including an ex-pro triathlete), so I badly need to get some hills under the wheels.

I'm quite large. 193cm and 88kgs - so not the ideal hill climbing physique. Need to drop at least 3-4 more kgs before the Dolomites so yoroshiku onegaishimasu ne! Work me hard on those hills!

My association with Japan goes back to 1987, when I was an exchange student in Kanagawa for a year. I then came back in 1993 as a university exchange student in Tokyo for a year.

Better stop talking or I'll have nothing to say on the road ...
Welcome !

Ben - welcome to TCC. I look forward to riding with you.

I am certainly not the right shape, weight, age, sloth factor, beer quotient etc etc either. I am usually the lanterne rouge when we hit the hills but love it just the same.

There are sure to be some rides coming soon although the recent snowfall might curtail things a little for now, at least in the more remote parts.

Cheers for now,

Welcome Ben! Nice trip you have planned there. It's an ambition of mine to go over to Europe for a cycling trip some time in the next few years...

Where are you in Tokyo? The big, Dolomite-like hills are out in the west side of the capital (as you've probably seen from the ride reports here), and the guys out there can tell you all about them. If you're in the east, Chiba is actually pretty good for climbing too, I now realize. What we lack in sustained climbs we make up for in proximity, steepness, and sheer quanitity. Up and down, up and down, up and down...
Thanks Chazzer and Phil. I'm encouraged by that! Am really keen to get out into the hills - hopefully starting in Chiba this weekend. Looks like an excellent ride. I think I might have seen one or both of your names on the list, so BANZAI! Ben
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