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GW tour de Nikko-Kohriyama-Mito-Yachimata


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Jan 7, 2007
This is a kind of be-lated report on my GW tour.

Day 1 April 30 My home to Nikko 175Km

I just took Irimagawa-CR and then Arakawa-CR toward Kumagaya city.This is very standard populara route. Then passing through Ohta-city and Kiryu-city, I rode along Watarase valley or R121. This route is de-tour route to Nikko but trafic is low and gives great view, specially during Autumn.

Even though it was clear clean sky in the morning, when climbing up the road to Nissoku tunnle, 900m high, it started cold rain but was not too bad. Someone in a car offered me a ride. Thanks. But I just kept going with rain jacket to Nikko. It was cleared when I reached Nikko where I stayed at a Ryokan for the night.

BTW,Nissoku tunnel, 2Km long, is notorious for its dangerousness. Road space for a car is very narrow. There is no road shoulder but is a side walk with 1 meter wide. Riiding the side walk, you see a high wall on your left and 20cm high bump to the car space on your right . I found its trafic has a tendency that several cars and trucks come and pass at a time, then there is no trafic for 5-10 minutes. So I managed to servive by riding a car space while there is no trafic. But it was really scarely.

Day 2 May 1 Nikko to Kohriyama city 120Km

Another beautiful day. Headed to Yaita station where I was suppoed to meet with Imai-san and Juno. Rice fields along R119 was ready for rice planting.

In two hours ride, I managed to get to Yaita station where I waited for two comrades and met on time. From there, we took an old Rikuu road or R462 and R294. This area is famous for the wide rice field area. It was lucky to have little trafic along the route.

Along the route, we happen to find a small sign showing a Rock Goddess statue. It was just beautiful rock that looks like a Goddess if you have a good faith.


Day 3 May 2 Kohriyama to Mito city 145Km

Another beautiful day. Three of us rode along R118 that runs along local Suigun-line that has a service once every two hours. Since R118 was unexpectedly heavy trafic, we tried to find a de tour route by manupulating my Garmin. It was sometime easy to find a small road running along R118. Once we go into this type of small road, the situation drastically changes and shows quiet rural scenary.

We were lucky to come across with one of rare local line service. It was a two car train running on a bridge.

We stopped by a few tourist spots. One of them is a 1300 years old tree and a famous Fukuroda fall.

Two comrades took a train back to Tokyo from Mito-station. It was memorable tour with them.

Day 4 May 3 Mito to Yachimata 120Km

I myself again hit a road. R50 I used was just comfortable route with little trafic. Cycling road along Kasumiga ura was slow, boring and makes me even sleepy.

On the way to Yachimata-city, I stopped by a old commercial town at Sawara city then headed to Yachimata-city where I reached to the house that my parents used to live and now is vacant. I met with my family there and stayed over the night.

It was 560Km ride. This was another great tour since last Autumn when I toured along Noto peninsula.
Fantastic report and pictures, Minoru. Thanks very much for posting.

I agree that Kasumigaura path can get very dull if you don't have company--and the wind is blowing the wrong way!
I agree that Kasumigaura path can get very dull if you don't have company--and the wind is blowing the wrong way!

Thanx for the comment.

The wind was always against to us during the four days tours. When heading north to Kohriyama, it was northe wind whereas heading south to Yachimata it was south wind. This was the only unluck during the whole tour....

BTW, I may have passed by your place on the way back home. My place is near the shopping center on R22 or 1.5Km from the station toward Chiba.


Thanks for sharing your great tour! I really enjoyed your report and pics! I have not ridden any of these areas. I would love to :bike::bike::bike: one day, as your pics facinated me alot!

See you next:bike:

I have to chime in here, too. Wonderful pictures, Arai-san. Thanks for sharing them with us. :)
My place is near the shopping center on R22 or 1.5Km from the station toward Chiba.

Practically neighbors then--I'm just behind the スポーツプラザ about 1km further along the 22 after Kasumi.


Thanks alot for this such a wonderful report/photoes from the GW tour :D Really, it was one of the most unforgettable GW's that I have ever had in Japan, with everything perfect during the 2 days I spent with you guys ;) - except for that my legs got clearly sunburnt after the tour :warau: I enjoyed every moment out there so much!

Again, thanks!!!
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