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GW May 5th(Wed) Takao ride


Maximum Pace
Dec 25, 2009
Hey all,
Is there anyone who wants to ride Takao/Tominnomori course for tomorrow?
The exact course will be like this ( About 92km )

■Meeting point
Takao-station(Not Takaosanguchi station) : 09:10 AM, NORTH GATE
Kimm : 090-8434-2335

Hi Kimm,

Looks like a great route, but sorry I want to try out some new roads tomorrow while the weather is so good. Have a great ride tomorrow.

Kimm, if you're still on for this ride I'll join you tomorrow. I plan to ride home though, so I'll ride with you up Wada Toge, Kobu Tunnel and Tomin no Mori, but as we make our descent I'll head through Kobu tunnel again homeward bound. Is 9.10 still OK for you?
Thanks Mike,
Yeah, the plan is still available and I'll go with one of my friend. See you there. :D
Kimm, sorry for holding you guys up today. I actually bailed at Fujino station as the cassette just kept coming loose. I asked a couple of passing cyclists if they had a lock ring tool, but of course not many people would be carrying such a large wrench! Anyway, it's all fixed now and ready for the next ride. Kind of funny that the only thing to fail on my bike was a part put on by my LBS. I know he's a good mechanic, maybe he just needs to pump some weights:confused:

Thanks God it didn't come off coming down Mt. Fuji on Monday!

Anyway, sorry again and hope to see you guys on the road soon.
No worries, mate!! ;)
It was really good that you didn't have accident today!!! spam the LBS mechanic:mad:(or you should ask some extra discount for something.:rolleyes:)
Anyhow, at least we did WADA toge together. And will have another chance to go up the Mt. And I'm dead tired now.. Eric was so strong and he had to wait for me every time. :eek:uch:
See you soon,
Good bumping into you guys today at the Takao 7-11.

We made it up O-toge. Well, not that much of an achievement for me, but certainly for Greg's girl-friend! And I got the chance to take more photos on the way up and down than I have taken on most rides this year taken together...
Nice to see you guys there too. I'll try O-toge and Grape juice:rolleyes: next time.
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