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Guys Im new in here


Jan 10, 2009
Im new in Japan, and I allready got my bike in here. Im a triathlete but, enjoy riding more than anything. However I need some training partners, and will actually love to ride with you guys. I live in Oookayama. Can someone contact me if intereseted to ride.? I dont know the places around, to really train and go long. I prefer long distances. And will like to be part of the team.

Rodrigo Amor
Welcome Rodrigo,

You are welcome to join all our rides which you will see posted on the forum. There is a ride on Monday. You'll need to get yourself to the meeting point and then with each ride you will soon become acquainted with the roads out and back to Tokyo.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Welcome! As Philip says, rides are posted here regularly...just keep your eyes on the board and sign up when you see one that looks good to you.
Ookayama is a great place - I used to live there, until I moved out to the dank boonies of semi-rural Machida.

You are very near the Tama River - which is a handy highway to the mountains.

I am am a triathlete as well (Ironman distance). I meet with a group every saturday (ride, run, swim) and Sunday (long ride) and starbucks afterwards. :D

If you give me you email address I'll put you on our emailing list.

Hey Paul - I`d also love to get in with a tri training group. I`ve done a handful of olympic and sprint distance triathlons in Kyushu, and I want to get back into it this year. I also live in Koto-ku. Is your group that kind of `always looking for new members` type?
here you go. we meet at this same spot every saturday. Come along it is full of mixed abilities and we never leave anyone behind.

Ask for me, Paul or David and or Eric when you turn up. We are always there every week. Numbers will vary from us three up to around 15 guys and girls when it gets warmer.

We ride with a small backpack to carry our runners and swimmers. Starbucks is our reward afterwards. :p

Swim session is only pool entry fee and you get coached off an ex-olympic swimmer :eek: david

Run and ride sessions is fre

Everyone is welcome. Hope to see you there.

Here is my email should you wish to contact me over the weekend. [email protected]


Bike / Velo - 6:30 AM

Run / course a pieds - 8:00~8:10 AM

2 or 3 laps of the small palace
Swim / Natation - 9:00 ~ 9:10AM

let's what's in for the swim... shoulders, and then techniques.

3 x [200 pull breath 3/5 per 50 + 2 x 50 brst pull + 100 kick]
4 x 50 elastic
100 ez
4 x 50 drills
100 ez
4 x (25 fast, perfect form + 25 ez)
100 ez

SUNDAY - Oi-Futo @ timing still TBC
Hi triathletes, i strongly recommend the saturday session Paul introduced. As for weekday swimming in Tokyo a bunch of triathletes train with www.swimfriends.org. Meet us on sat at Sendagaya or tues/thursday at Yoyogi and we'll get you aquainted
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