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Review GSAstuto/Gokiso Carbon Wheels


Maximum Pace
Dec 31, 2009
I recently had a chance to review a set of GSAstuto Carbon Wheels laced to Gokiso Hubs.

First, a little background on my experience.

I have ridden allot of wheels in my time. I worked full time in bike shops for 5 years, for Mavic Neutral support, On Support and currently I am the mechanic for Peugot Neilpryde Lacasse Pro Cycling Team and I am certified as a race mechanic with USA Cycling.

The first thing that I noticed was the rolling resistance, or lack there of in the Gokiso Hubs.
Here is the manufacturer website for the hubs to explain the intricacies of this fine hand crafted hub that I would argue is the most efficient hub ever produced.

Rather than bombard you with technical jargon that could be read on the website I will just tell you my honest opinion.

They FLY! Rollup is superb, pedaling on flats it feels as though you are cheating. While drafting behind someone into a headwind one could not pedal and save every ounce of effort for the red kite. The freehub also gives a distinct yet subtle noise that sings mechanical efficiency.

The wheel set I've used for a total of two months now is a mix of an 80mm rear and 50mm front, carbon clinchers. Despite being put into the category of an aero wheelset, due to the butter smooth bearings (two on each side of the hub, mind you) it was every bit as capable as my lightest climbers.

While sprinting the wheels responded to every swing of the hammer. Another thing of note by any wheel connoisseur is how fast the freehub engages the hub body. As soon as the foot strikes the pedal the cassette introduces forward motion to the wheel. This happens because of the 4 pauls and 92 teeth that they engage. Superb I tell you! The icing on this hub cake is brought in the form of smoothness brought on by the spring structured shock absorbing elastic body suspension. You truly feel the difference, I kid you not.  

I also appreciated the mix of sizes between the carbon wheels. An 80mm in the front is a little shifty in a crosswind so putting a 50mm off the front is perfect for getting an aero wheel without compromise. The aesthetics of the carbon wheels is what stands out the most. The decals are printed on the rim and are able to withstand cleaning and the matte black fits in with any bike. Of course there is the super pro feeling and look that a deep set of rims gives. As they say, Bella in selle!


Overall I highly recommend these solid wheels.

Thanks for reading,



Maximum Pace
Dec 31, 2009


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
I should make some small corrections /adds:

1) This set is actually a 60mm rear and 38mm front. It just measures / appears larger when you've mounted the tires and the visual effect of larger hubs.
2) Chuck got everything else pretty much spot on. IMO you could lace these hubs to a Portland Tubeless Rim and they'd still outroll anything in sight.
3) The current hub geometry favors rim depths about 33-45mm. I had a bit of a challenge with the 50's (and larger) getting sufficient NDS spoke tension.


Maximum Pace
Oct 7, 2011
Chuck, any comparison against similar tubulars vs the clinchers from your point of view?
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