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Speeding Up
Dec 28, 2009
I've been in Japan since 1995, and have pretty much neglected the bike during that period.
I currently ride a Colnago CLX, and have a Bianchi 928 as back-up..

During the period 1984 - 1988 I was a reasonable raod rider from the NW of England, and trained with the likes of Paul Sherwen, John Herety, Jeff & Mike Williams... we shared the same coach at that time. We occasionally trained with the Mersey boys, made up of Chris Boardman (very young at the time), Joey McLoughlin, Phil Thomas, Doug Dailey

I was first Category road rider, but also won a few time trials as well. My times for shorter events were: 10 miles - 20:18, 25 miles - 52:13, and 50 miles - about 1:55:??... too long ago to remeber all. I also rode the amateur Paris-Roubaix, and a few races in France and Germany as a visiting member of the ACBB Paris team during 1986.

Now living close to Nagoya, and would move to Tokyo if my company tripled my salary. 10 minutes on a bike, and I can be in the countryside!

It would be good to know of anyone else in this area for a training partner. I will be making a return to racing in Japan next year.... watch out! haha

Very best
Hi Tim,

Glad you joined the forum!

As I have said when we met, Tokyo is also a great place for cycling. Lot's of great mountains nearby (40km is nearby, isn't it?).

Happy to take you out into any of them, any time. Maybe you can stay on after a biz trip?

Cheers, Ludwig
Tim welcome, Nagoya is closer than Aomori but if you ever get this far North let me know.
Welcome mate.... always good to see another Brit here in Japan.
Thanks for the welcome..
Any ideas on clubs in the Chubu region?
A few pounds to lose before I can race... too much beer over the past ten years!

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