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Greetings TCC from Tokyo By Bike

Byron Kidd

Jun 1, 2010
Greetings Cyclists of Tokyo,

I'm Byron, the maintainer of the badly maintained Tokyo By Bike blog.

Originally from Australia I've been cycling in Japan since 1996. I began by cycling to work, before falling in with a disreputable bunch of serious cyclists (the now defunct Tokyo BHB Cycling Club) who fueled my desire to buy more bikes and more expensive equipment in order to remain competitive on long road rides in the mountains around Tokyo. I was never even in the competition as those guys were machines, but I enjoyed myself none the less.

In addition to long road rides I've also spent many a weekend with my mountain bike on the hiking trails around Okutama, Mitake and Hinode. There is some great mountain biking just an hour from Tokyo by train. Before settling into married life I also competed in a few cross country MTB races around the country.

Oh, I've done a spot of bicycle touring as well.

Now I'm all grown up spending time with my family is my top priority, so I'm back to being a daily bicycle commuter, but do manage to get out for a leisurely ride on a Sunday morning while the family sleeps.

Having sold my last road bike, I currently own three mountain bikes, two are fitted for commuting, and one still worthy of off road play with the kids on the weekend.

You can find the Tokyo By Bike blog at http://www.tokyobybike.com/ and I'm active on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/tokyobybike

Hope I can offer some useful input to the conversations here.




Maximum Pace
Dec 14, 2006
Welcome and please don't be shy in posting. More MTB content will be much valued I'm sure


Maximum Pace
Oct 7, 2011
Welcome! I have certainly stumbled across the blog, some good stuff in there.... !
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