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Greetings from Tottori


Aug 19, 2008
I just moved here at the beginning of August. My wife got a job via the JET program working as a Coordinator of International Relations for the Tottori prefectural office in Tottori-shi. We're originally from Los Angeles, where I started riding. I was primarily a commuter and did a bunch of fixed gear riding, though I also did a few brevets and was starting to get into mountain biking. The only ride I brought with me, though, is my light-touring bike, a Rivendell Rambouillet.

Back home I worked as a web designer, though here I am currently fulfilling the role of house-husband. We'll see if I can rectify that soon with some form of employment as sitting around the house all day can get very old very quickly. On the plus side, it does afford me quite a bit of spare time to ride.
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