Help Greetings from The Outback!


May 8, 2012
Adelaide, South Australia
Hi all!
I'm currently on a mine site out near Coober Pedy (
but live and ride (and live to ride) when I'm back in Adelaide, South Australia. I'm hoping to be in Chiba (Ichikawa) for most of Feb/Mar 2013 with a view to move over in 2014 and am keen to keep on riding. I'll keep tabs on the goings on in the meanwhile, meet and ride with some of you when I get there and pick your brains so I can be better prepared for the pedalling.
My queries so far:
-Can someone send me a link and show me what you use to get your bikes on the trains? I'll be bringing a bike over in a case which might be fine on a plane but I don't imagine that would work too well on rides that require using the subway to get to a start point.
-We were last over in Feb 2011 so know what to expect with the weather. It also gets pretty chilly in the Adelaide hills now but anyone have some good tips for winter riding in Tokyo?
-Anyone using Garmin Edge 800? I have a 500 that's served me well but I'll need something with maps in Japan. It's almost certain that I'll get one but just curious to know how well it works around Tokyo.
-It might be a bit of an ask but if anyone's got any courses they can recommend that would suit a Garmin Edge it'd be great if I could arrange getting the files. Anything from 60-180km and I don't mind views and some good climbing.
Thanks for your time,


Maximum Pace
Nov 3, 2007
Tokyo - Minato-ku
Hi Kris:

You can see a photo of an Ostrich brand -- pretty typical -- bike/train bag (rinko bukuro) at:

Some of the other info you asked for is on the other pages at the Positivo Espresso site -- e.g. info OSM Garmin maps for use in Japan, and some suggested rides out west of Tokyo (maybe not ideal if you will be in Chiba), but you can get that if you search for past TCC rides by people based out of Chiba, heading up the Arakawa and then into the mountains, Chichibu, etc.