Greetings from the Great White North...


Apr 3, 2007
Thought I would give you a brief introduction at Sora-san's urging...

I am a Canadian living in Sapporo, 46 years old, married & am a Professional Photographer...

A long time ago I used to race anything with wheels and a motor, MX, SX, Hare & Hound, Shifter Karts, Formula cars...

About 10 years ago when my body started to give out from all the racing abuse I took up Mountain biking because of my off-road background but soon found there wasn't enough camaraderie in it for me so I switched to road biking & fell in love with it...

When I came to Japan 5 years ago I kind of liquidated a lot of my life and the toys that accompanied it and so left the road bike behind - - :( :(

Although I am a confirmed Clydesdale, I really enjoy group rides and always try my best to keep up or slow down depending on the members...

Last year, my diabetes got a little out of hand because I wasn't taking good enough care of myself, so I had to go on the straight and narrow and have now lost 18 kgs since September and am feeling MUCH better...

As a result of my new found fitness ( still a ways to go though ) I decided last month it was time to get back on a bike and so I purchased a 2007 Centurion Hyperdrive 3000 ( 105 groupo ) and have been patiently awaiting better weather here in Hokkaido to get out in earnest...

I am hoping to find a few recreational road cyclists here in Hokkaido and may attend a few of the races to take photos...

If you want to read a little more please visit my corporate website at - - you can read a bit about what I do and also take a look at some of the photo galleries if you like...

Cheers for now - looking forward to participating here as best I can...

Here's a couple of shots from the Tour de Hokkaido a few years ago and a few local shots....

Discussing strategy just before the climb up to Nakayama Toge...

Somebody decides "Screw it - I'm outa here"...

Sapporo Yosakoi Soran festival 2006

On a road trip up near Wakkanai...

Winter in Furano



Basho's companion
Nov 2, 2005
Yokohama -> Fukuoka
Hi Higuma-san,

welcome to TCC :welcome: and thank you for your post.

I have been to Hokkaido by bike only onece (from Asahikawa to Wakkanai).
It was a great tour for me: no signal road forever. I loved it.

I want to run there again someday.

Looking forward to seeing you!



Apr 3, 2007
Thanks Sora...

There is certainly a lot of open road up here that are prime for cycling... Last year during a road trip toward the end of summer my wife and I noticed that there was a big increase in road riders up here who seemed to be from down south...

If you ever do get up this way be sure to drop me an email in advance & likewise if I get down your way this year...


Phil Harris

Speeding Up
Nov 9, 2006

Welcome - great pics.

I biked once in Hokkaido from Otaru to the Shakotan Hanto and back; had lunch at a great sushi place and took a dip in the Northern Sea of Japan to cool off on the way back to Otaru.


May 30, 2008
San Francisco
coming to sapporo

Hi there,
I will be coming to Sapporo in August for a conference. I have an Ironman race about 2 weeks later and want to get in some cycling while I'm there, if I can. Do you know if there are any places that rent road bikes, and any groups that meet up for rides on the weekends? I'm sure there are somewhere, but I can't speak or read any Japanese, unfortunately, which is making my search a little difficult. I'm also looking for good running trails and places to swim!

Thanks for any suggestions.