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Greetings from Taiwan!

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Cam, you are most welcome to join and participate in the discussions here, but I kindly ask you to refrain from abusing the TCC forum as an advertising platform. Thanks for your understanding.
In Defense . . .

Thomas, that wasn't my intention. I was introducing myself & what I do.

I think the misunderstanding may result from the use of the second and third person narrative. To prove your innocence let us try the first person singular . . . :angel:

"My name is Cam and I live in Taiwan. I enjoy outdoor adventures and bike trips through Taiwan and other parts of Asia. Taiwan is often overlooked as a biking destination but in my opinion it contains some of the best trails and scenery in the world." - well this works . . . :)

. . . "and is very close to Japan." - oops, a little suggestive this one! . . . :(

. . . "We provide fully supported customized tours lasting from 3 days to 2 weeks." Oh come on, you have got to be kidding me. Your as guilty as hell. Hang him! . . . :mad:

"Many thanks, Cam" Nice try! But you have already been rumbled :rolleyes:

I enjoyed the photos to be fair.....and I do have a friend in Taiwan.

However, this was a pretty shameless puff at the very least ! Off with his head !!

Cam - perhaps you could request the webmaster to let you advertise legitimately alongside the other ads on the site ?

Charles aka chazzer
:cop:The language police!

The word escapes me, but isn't there a pop term for this kind of stealth advertising?
I think bikeforums had a few similar threads recently, thinly disguised ads about the "great riding in Taiwan!" :cool: They're not as nice over there so the posts probably got axed fairly quickly. :)

The word escapes me, but isn't there a pop term for this kind of stealth advertising?

Not quite the same thing, but viral marketing, perhaps?
Smile . . .


You are shameless! First you advertise on the forum. Then despite evidence to the contrary you make a barefaced denial. Then you ask people to help you plan a tour in Japan for your customers (or is that friends). You are so wonderfully outrageous you have me genuinely laughing out loud.

With tears in my eyes,

Thread closed.

Cam, you are welcome to start new threads about cycling (in Japan), any new sales plugs - hidden or not - will be deleted. It is sad that we have to resort to moderation - it is the first time on the TCC forum.
Not open for further replies.
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