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Greetings, everyone!


Oct 6, 2008
Hi All,

I'm a newbie here... i hope someone can give some guidance.

I'm traveling to Japan this friday for vacation, i'll be stopping by Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto hence i hope to hook up with riders from these areas... More so in Tokyo because i'm spending a week there.

It's my first time visiting Japan, I initially wanted to bring my road bike along to ride after seeing all those beautiful pix of Japan but canceled the thought because some friends advised me not to.... due to a few reasons like importation and lodging problems... the worse part is i don't speak the language hence lugging a bike along could be painful.

Anyway, If there is anyone out there who can give me some head start... or have the time to actually meet up would be great. I've heard much about how the bike industry is in Japan hence it'll be a blast to experience it first hand.

I like to thank anyone in advance for any kind of assistance.

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