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Grand Fondo 110km!

Hi Mike,

have you seen Aaron's post about Utsukushigahara?

Update: I've just noticed your post in the thread... :warau:

Unfortunately the date clashes with the Granfondo OZE-TOKURA, but since that is almost the same course as the Giro de Hotaka in November, we decided to do Utsukushigahara in June and the Giro in November.
I'm in for this one too. Signed up before the Utsukushigahara trip was officially announced, but road races are probably more my thing than hill climbs anyway so probably for the best. (Although this one is awfully hilly, if I remember the profiles and reports from last year.)
No worries Thomas. I was hoping to get you to swing over to this race. Apart from your lost time, Giro de Hotaka was such a great race last year.
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