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Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
Really annoys me.

This is the pile of rubbish where we train on Tuesday nights..... it's been there for months now.


Today I went past and saw that they had cleaned up the whole area..... well, almost all.


As you can see, it's now possible to also view behind the garbage and not have all those weeds getting in the way of the garbage dumpers.
Yeah, lots of gomi on the sides of the roads out here... Beautiful country lanes winding through fields and valleys are lined with cans (often booze!), plastic bento boxes, onigiri wrappers and all the rest of the combini detrius. Pisses me off to no end.

About a year ago I actually chased a poor ojii-san in a K-car for a good 5 kms after watched his grandkid tossing candy wrapper after candy wrapper out the back window. Practically blew out a lung trying to keep him in sight but eventually caught up at an intersection. I was so out of beath it took me 5 minutes to get the words out ("kid...GASP GASP...tossing...litter...GASP GASP...window") while he stared at me in complete bafflement. When he finally realized what I was trying to tell him, he immediately apologized and turned to admonish the kid, who was cowering in the far corner of the back seat. Hopefully, that little tike at least will think twice about littering in the future...

Shibagon, don't be ashamed of Japanese. It's the same in a lot of countries and I've seen 'gaijin' also throw stuff out the car windows in Japan too.

I often blow my horn at a car in front of me or flash my lights at them if I see gomi being dropped from car windows. A few months ago I saw a high school boy in my side mirror. He looked around, cupped the rubbish he had in his hand and nonchalantly dropped it on the ground thinking nobody saw him. I saw him though and waved my hand at him to pick it up... he didn't pick it up, but ran away instead. The funny thing is I drive that way once a week at the same time and 50% of the time I see him and wave to him. He always looks like this when he see me. :eek:
my first off in four years was last friday night, hit a steel coffee can and went down. road rash and scratched bar tape and saddle. years ago I picked up a can that i saw a driver place on the road and at the next lights I put it under his wiper blade. If it happened now I might be a touch more aggressive. ordered a new light as compensation to myself
yeah Japan is bad but if new zealand had 120 million people it would be a real mess.
Where are the LEO's!

Law Enforcement Officer!
Arrest that M*tha F*cka!
... for the record, I took my punctured tube with me from off the top of Rainbow-Bridge. Did not litter there!:D
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