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Half Fast Golden Week Taiwan Touring

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
Half-Fast member Carol has done a lot of work with Giant and put together a seven-day tour around the island of Taiwan.

Details are in the linked PDF document. Here are the essentials...

Arrive Taiwan 29th April. Leave Taiwan 7th May
Seven full days of cycling, right around the island - 1,100 in easy stages
Support vehicles by Giant - sag wagon, mechanics, fruit bar, etc.
Take your own bike or borrow one from Giant
Nice accommodation each night - no tents!
No mountains. Probably.​

All this for an amazing minimum cost of approx. JPY 105,000 plus your airfare.

This is similar to Option A in the 'gauging interest' trip that @GSAstuto was discussing, but with fewer (and consequently longer) days.

If we get enough people to sign up it will definitely go ahead. This is not a hill-climbing tour.


Should be highly enjoyable.

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