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Golden Week in Chiba Ride Report


Maximum Pace
Jan 30, 2007
Hi all,
Hope you're enjoying Golden Week and getting some riding done.

While Travis and Thomas have been burning up the roads in Northern Japan, I've been checking out some routes over in Chiba prefecture, and found some real gems.

Naomi-san and I rode 3 different routes from Saturday to Monday. First we headed into the back roads just north of Shirohama. The route twisted and turned through the hills, and although the hills are not that high, the roads are great fun as they snake around. The width seems more suited to a bicycle than a car! We crossed a small pass near Sakumadamo then headed back down to the rice fields. Turning east we made for Chikura on the coastline, and popped out on the coast road. Then we headed back into the hills. I was aiming for a narrow alley that would take us back to Shirohama. But the road got smaller and smaller and eventually dead-ended at a farmhouse. We had to retrace our steps and work our way back over the hills - fortunately we found a way that did not take us too far off course.
Day 2 (Sunday) was the real highlight for me. We drove to Kamogawa, and parked a few km west of the town. Turns out that was a good decision, because we were soon rolling by hundreds of cars queueing to get into Kamogawa Seaworld. East of Kamogawa we took Route 81 north. Wow, what a road. It was almost deserted, with a brand-new surface that's sooooo smooth! Rolling by palm trees, wearing my summer gear of shorts/short sleeves, I felt like I was riding on the Riviera! Route 81 climbs to 320 m from sea level, and at the top (Kiyosuminoosugi) is an amazing Thai-style temple, with a tree reckoned to be 1,000 years old!
We rolled north, back downhill, ending up at Yorokeikoku. We had time for a quick look at an all-wooden bridge, then we had to head back south. We found route 187, parallel to route 81. Naomi-san started to struggle against the wind, but after eating an energy bar, her speed was restored, and when we reached the coast, she really put the hammer down :hammer: to get back to the car! Good thing too as it was starting to feel a bit chilly.
On Monday we took the coast road from Shirohama to Nokogiriyama (not the one near Okutama-ko, a different one!) Once again the sun shone, and the warm southern wind blew. We zoomed up the coast, the wind at our backs. The road was busy but our speed was close to that of the cars, so we weren't passed that much. Arriving at Nokogiriyama, we were told by a very rude gentleman that bikes are not allowed to ride up the road to the top (although cars can go up......?) He threatened to call the police :cop: if we rode up the hill! Anyway, just around the corner was a cablecar, so we locked up our bikes and took it up to the temple at the top. Here we found a huge (33m tall) carving done directly into the mountain itself. Truly amazing. But scrambling around rocky paths in road cycling shoes is not to be recommended! The cable car took us back down the hill and we turned back to the south. The coast road was even busier, but we were able to turn onto Route 89 and then Route 88, once again, fantastic lightly trafficed roads. After an ice-cream stop to boost our flagging energy levels, we hit Tateyama then headed around the peninsula to the west. Arriving back at Shirohama, it was just before sunset, and just short of 100km. So, we rolled just down the coast to Nojimazaki light-house (the most southerly point in Chiba) to take some photos. Just a couple of km finished the ride, which was Naomi-san's first 100km ride! :run01:
more details!!!

Hi all,

Did you enjoy Alan-san' report? Boso-hanto has many great routes for biking!! we really enjoyed 3different courses for 3 days. probably will be back there again soon as we have found other courses. let's join us next time!!!!!

今回のtourと私のbig-challengeをご紹介いたします(私はroad bikeを初めてまだ4ヶ月のbiginnerなのです)。

28日(Sat)sunny then thunderstom
10時からツアー開始。86号線を館山市内に向かい、南房総市の田舎をライディング。ちょうど田植えの時期ということもあり、みんな忙しそうに働いていました。コース自体はhardではなかったのですが、風がとにかく強くて千倉海外におりてくる道はハンドルが取られそうで・・・時速40kmしか出てないのに怖かったです。 雷鳴が聞こえてきたので75kmで本日のライドは終了( only75km for Alan-san. but it was long long riding for me)3時半には雷を伴う大雨・・・早めに切り上げてluckyでした。
夜は、刺身三昧(トビウオ、サザエ、イナダ、金目鯛)&タケノコご飯 with beer!! とっても満たされたゴールデンウィーク一日目が終了

29日(Sun) great sunny day
館山で用事をすませてから一路鴨川へ(車で)・・・・本当は鴨川シーワールドにparkingする予定だったけれど観光客がとにかく多く・・・途中の鴨川オーシャンパークに車を置いてlet's staart! 海沿いの道(128号線)を約10km走り、その後清澄養老ラインを北へ・・・easy!というAlan-sanの言葉を信じて登り始めること10分。gradient10%という看板が:confused: ・・・「先週高尾で12%の和田峠を越えられたんだから簡単簡単・・・大丈夫」と至ってニコニコすいすい登っていくAlan-san。私も負けてはいられん!!と15kmhをkeep!!がんばりました(標高337m)easyとは決して言えませんが楽しいclimbingでした。頂上についた時は気分爽快!!360度大パノラマでした:) 。それにゴールデンウィークとは思えないくらい静かな道で(その上舗装されていてスムーズ)、新緑はおい茂り、ふと振り向けば限りなく広がる水平線が見えました。「ここは天国?」と思う素晴らしい景色でした(ちょっと大げさかしら)。清澄寺には1000年杉(樹齢1000年)の大木があり一見の価値あり(Alanさんが写真をアップしているので見てくださいね)。今度はひたすらdown hill・・・レーサーにでもなった気分でヒュー・・・と風を切るように坂を下りていきました。(ちなみに私の記録は61kmh)坂を下りきったあたりにある「白岩橋」から見える真っ白な岩と断層も素晴らしかったですよ。その後はひたすら養老渓谷を目指しスピードアップ・・・途中の清水温泉、七里川温泉を横目でちらり・・温泉大好き人間にとっては是非立ち寄りたいところ!でもAlan-san は全く興味なし。次回go go girlsと来立ち寄りたい!!と思う私でした(のぶさん、しのぶさん、いかが???)。
養老渓谷につくとhikerで溢れてました。天気は良かったけれど空気が澄んでいたせいか?とにかく寒くてほんのちょっとだけ観光して再びride・・・ここまでの間に休憩わずか2回(total20分程度)本当にタフなAlan-sanです!!養老渓谷を折り返し、大喜多町をぬけて南へ・・・素晴らしい田園風景、たまに臭ってくる牛さん&鶏さんのにおい・・。途中で眠く、寒く・・・いくら自転車をこいでもこいでも前に進めず、前にそびえ立つ山がヒマラヤかエベレストに見えてました。Alan-sanがどんどん遠くになっていき「もうgive-upかな?」と半べそ(大べそ?)をかいてました:cry: そしたらAlan-sanが止まってくれて'eat something!' 'more and more'と食べ物を差し出されたけどおなか空いてないし、食べる元気もなかったのですが、言うことを聞いてenergy-barをばくばく食べること10分後!なんと元気復活。もちろんスピードもアップ!山越えも何のその!!I made it! (おなかが空いてなくても、定期的にエネルギー補給しなくてはならないということを教訓として覚えました。)小湊に到着し海が見えたときは何とも言えない気分でした。そのあとは車と競争するかのように鴨川までの12kmを37kmhで滑走しました そうですね・・・ヒマラヤを征服した登山家にでもなった気分でした:p 。本当は勝浦に抜ける道がいいようですが・・・私のエネルギー切れと寒さ、そして暗くなってしまったことから今回はshort cutを選択。ということで2日目はたくさんの山越えありの80kmでした。今日は5~6組みのbikersに出逢いました。
夜は再びお寿司 with beer then zzzzz.......

30日(mon) lovely sunny day
白浜を11時に出発。86号線→館山→(127号線coast line)→鋸山。途中トンネルがたくさんありちょっと怖かったです。なんと信号で止まったときun-clipできずfalling down:eek: (腰骨に大きなblue markをこさえてしまいました。今も痛いです)鋸山へアプローチできる自動車道は「自転車禁止」という看板が。そこを「登らせて!」とお願いしてみたら「もし登ったら警察呼ぶよ!」と管理人らしき人に脅されびっくり!で、自転車を止めてケーブルカーで山頂へあがりしばし観光・・・自転車用の靴で、とっても急な岩山を登り・下りするのはかなり大変なのに(けっこうhardなup donwなのです)タフなAlan-sanは走ってました。もちろん私も走る羽目に・・鋸山には日本一大きな石仏、1500体の観音様、などなど見所たっぷりです。ただextra shoesを持参することをおすすめします。山頂で名物のお団子をもぐもぐ・・・再び:bike: 今度は山道を!ということで34号線→88号線をセレクト。谷間の田園風景はそれはそれは美しかったですよ。途中6~7人組みのbikerに出逢いました。富浦の道の駅でアイスクリームを食べてから、Naomi-sanのエンジンはフル回転!!!その後館山市内を抜けて洲崎→平砂浦→白浜(30km)は平均35kmhで疾走。白浜に到着した時のdistance:98km!!「せっかくだから100kmにしよう」と野島崎灯台まで走り100km完走!!ちょうど夕日が海に沈んでいくところで真っ赤に焼けた西の空は美しく、私の完走を祝ってくれているかのようでした。心の中で一言I made it:clap: !!!

This time
on28th 75km
on29th 80km
on30th 100km total 255km/ 3days
Interesting trip

Hi Alan and Naomi - San

That's a nice report. I live in Chiba so I was very intested in reading about the journey. I didn't realize that Chiba had such good cycling. I will have to try at least one of those trips in the near future. Day two, along the Chiba Riviera, sounds especially inviting. :)
Boso Hamto

I`ve done some biking around Chiba. Looking at your pics and reading your report has got me thinking about biking there again.:)

What method did you use to attach the map thumbwheel? I`d like to do something similar.
Chiba Maps

I`ve done some biking around Chiba. Looking at your pics and reading your report has got me thinking about biking there again.:)

What method did you use to attach the map thumbwheel? I`d like to do something similar.

That's a screen-grab from my Garmin Mapsource software. I took my GPS with me for the rides.
Most of the navigation en route was done using the "Quick Mapple" for Chiba, which you can buy in Combinis there. It has a pull-out, plastic map which covers the major roads - enough to find your way around, and light enough to carry in a jersey pocket.
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