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Review Giyo GP-61S mini pump


Maximum Pace
Oct 2, 2012
Bought this pump from Amazon a couple of years back.
Main positives are it's cheap at 1,060 yen.
It's relatively light at 124 g in the pocket.
It fits in a jersey pocket at 20.5 cm in length.
It locks onto the valve (lever on back) that helps it stay in place.
It has an inbuilt pressure gauge that acts as effective motivation when your puny arms start complaining.
It's reliable. At least 20 successful pumps in the last 2 years (Only used with presta valves, though also claims to work on Shrader.)
See the link above to Amazon to find 136 reviews with an average of 4/5 stars.
Main negative is you need to put in some work to get to 100 psi, but it's easily doable for me.
The stats (as of just now) for a 23 mm tyre:
About 65 psi reached in 100 pumps in under 1 minute.
About 100 psi reached in 160 pumps in under 2 minutes.
Score: 10/10 would pump again.
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Maximum Pace
Dec 8, 2014
I'm using this one at the moment, Crankbrother's Mini Power Pump:
- 95g
- Length 15cm
- Max Pressure is 100psi / 7bar
- Switch for high volume or high pressure
- Switchable head for either schrader or presta valves

It's served me well and I probably use it more than I should. Switching between high/low pressure is super handy, makes it easy to get to max pressure. Quite comfortable on your hands as well.
I've finally invested in a floor pump with a gauge so maybe this hard working little guy will stay in my saddle bag where it belongs.
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