Girlfriend on loan for the holidays!


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
I'll be heading up north for a few days of shogatsu. If anyone wishes to borrow my 'girlfriend' for some extended test riding let me know. She's one devil, though , so :

1) I will loan only to people I know personally and have ridden with.
2) If you crash it, you buy it. Or at least any parts that get damaged.

Mainly my Neil Pryde Diablo with full Dura-Ace (size 'S') which will fit riders from roughly 165cm - 177cm. 60mm Carbon 'TN' series wheelset with EVO CX's.

This is probably the best bike you'll have ridden. FE's new DOGMA doesn't count, yet, because it doesn't have a groupset!

My little Christmas present if anyone is interested.