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Getting the needle


Maximum Pace
Oct 14, 2007
I am currently in the middle of a course of acupuncture treatments ~ to fix a cycling related injury. I guess most of you Tokyo veterans will know about him (or have a friend who swears by him), but here are the details:

Edward Obaidey Acupuncture Clinic

He, and his staff, are the bee's knees, and I'm pretty sure they can help fix any niggling, or serious, injuries & aches you may be harboring.

Oh ... my own injury? ..... Very macho. I have bullet-proof anti-puncture tires, on tubeless rims (MTB). Getting those buggers on and off is the task of Olympian athletes, not mere mortals like myself. 3 hours of misery it was. 2 shattered tire levers (and yes, both times they sent bits under the tire - forcing me to remove it again to get the bits out!), and 2 thumbs with massacred ligaments.
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