Get back to the minors and dem hills


Speeding Up
Jul 23, 2011
Chiba City
Back from today's ride.

From previous posts on the Forums I knew most of the other riders were in a different league and today it was proven.

My average speed is lower on the hills (up or down) and the flats.

My granny 34-25 didn't seem low enough.

And checked my seat height- my legs are bent a little. Also read that if your seat is >10cm above your stem it's too much (I'm around that now). On my last long ride I lowered the seat a little cause it was too much (after 100 km).

The biggest Gios in Japan is 56cm but I know they have 58cm in other part of the world (and that probably would've fit me better).
The guys at Seo said the 56cm would be a good size for me though.

On the way back I rode by the ocean and took 4 pics.
I passed the front of Sea World but didn't take a pic.
For some reason this site can't upload from my computer, guess I'll have to try to put them in the gallery.
Pics here:

My computer stats
21.7 km/h Av
59.1 km/h Max
72.94 km

Massage (by my son), a bath and thanks to Domino's and my wife for the pizza.
For some reason, at this point my back hurts (from the backpack?) and my legs feel fine, although tired.

Well it was a good workout and next possibility to get on my bike may be next Sat or Sun if I am lucky.


Maximum Pace
Jan 30, 2007
Some fit advice....You need to set your seat height based on your leg length, not its height above the bars. The traditional starting point for seat height is that your knee should be almost straight with your heel on the pedal at bottom-dead-centre. Raise your bars with spacers or a different rise stem (or flip it over) if you feel they are too low relative to the seat.


Speeding Up
Jul 23, 2011
Chiba City
My stem is the old type so I just unscrew and pull it up (don't have an Ahead stem). My bars are up as high as they can go (up to the safety line).

I read if your seat is up more than 10cm over your bars that it is too much of a difference.
So if this was too much of a prob I guess I would need to buy a longer stem.

I had my seat higher but on my last long trip I lowered it cause it was too uncomfortable (after 100 km).

I'll do the heel check when I have time and see if my seat is too low.