I'm James, and as you might be able to tell, I'm Australian. Did a year of university in Osaka ~6 years ago with my bicycle, spent more time riding than in class (including some touring to Hokkaido and also Kagoshima). I'm looking at taking a trip down memory lane in April, rough plan being around a week in each of:

Kyushu - I think I've seen mentions of Omura bay here? All the peninsulas etc on the west coast look like they'd be fun. Potentially Aso but not sure whether the volcano being off-limits impacts things much, and though I'd like to get back to Kagoshima it might be a bit far/off track
Shikoku - Easy to get a ferry from Kyushu, have some friends and shouldn't be very built up (as I remember parts of the coast of Honshu to be) - also a good way via Awaji-shima to get to Osaka :D
Kansai - The old stomping ground! Some Minoh loops, Mt Rokko and far side of Kyoto
Tokyo - Would love to cruise the streets! I went to Kawaguchiko and it was super pretty, so might take a couple of days to go out and have a crack at Mt Fuji

Hoping I can find my rinko-kaban otherwise I'll pick something up to give me flexibility with the train. Little bit ambitious but I'm looking at a backpack with bare minimum of clothing, and then staying with friends/where ever.

I'm doing some thread searches and all that, but would appreciate if anyone had route recommendations or advice for areas to visit - look forward to getting out with some of you when I'm in Tokyo!



Maximum Pace
Sep 20, 2012
Asakadai, Saitama
Hey there. Welcome. Sounds like a really good plan you've got going there. April might still be a little cold around Mt.Fuji and if you were ola Ning on riding up it, I'm not sure it will be open that early in the season.

Give us a shout nearer the time and hopefully we can sort out a ride or two out north of Tokyo in the Saitama area.
Hi leicaman - I saw your Everest post, much respect! Tokyo dates are roughly April 22 - 30 but will check back in before then. I take it most of you can only get out on weekends due to work?

I know the trails to the summit are only open over summer, will do my research re: roads. Not sure how keen I am... I did the Mortirolo in October and I gather it is similar, tough with little in the way of reward apart from the relief of having finished. The monthly mean max for Kawaguchiko April/May is just shy of 20, similar to when I was in the mountains Italy (although it was the end of summer rather than winter so may be a different beast).

Again would take advice for destinations - I've heard good things about Cape to Cape?