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Speeding Up
Jul 31, 2007
Developed by researchers at the University of Florida in the 1960s, it has formed a major source of income for this university and the initial developers, annually netting millions of dollars in licensing revenue.

While it is predominantly used as an energy drink, it was recently reportedly used by a stranded cyclist who, with hypothermia in sight, used splashes of this bright orange substance to maintain his course in the wintry isolated depths of Alaska.

A further example of the potency of this orange liquid can be found in the attached photograph as a warning to those of you who may also use clear "bidon's".

I think I'll be sticking with Pocari Sweat from hereon.
This happened to me last weekend too :mad: Which means they are putting dye in the drink! The last time I buy Gatorade.

Sod Gatorade..... never really had any faith in that stuff. I would highly recommend HIGH5 sports drink. I import mine from OZ and 2x2GK tubs of powder came to around 6,000 JPY with no tax duty to pay.
I've been drinking Gatorade for years and never had any problem with discoloration of my water bottles.

I believe Gatorade has been marketed/sold in Japan since 2004, but I think they recently changed the branding of the sports drink. I wonder if they also recently changed their "recipe" for the Japanese market too? And, if so, would this lead to the discoloration? Or has Japanese Gatorade always discolored water bottles?

Seeing as how I'm still working off of several cases of Orange and Fruit Punch Gatorade I brought back from the States, I'll buy some local version samples and conduct a test with some old waterbottles.
My white water bottles have been turned permanently yelllow-orange because of the orange Gatorade. My wife tried bleaching them, and still no luck. Imagine what that stuff must do to the body. :eek:
gave up gatorade for water a few years ago. If I need the electrolyte thing then a convenience store is usually conveniently located. If I was racing again would probably just go with the plain old lemon lime GA. It is essentially clear.
Far better products on the market than Gatorade. I carry NUUN tabs with me now and just buy water. I also carry electrolyte caps with me since I sweat more than what I think I am suppose too. Oh, and the trusty odawalla bars for added nutrition.

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