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Garmin Sensors - Battery life?


Maximum Pace
Oct 7, 2011
My Cadence/speed monitor seems to be going a bit off.... curious what folks here have for battery life of these things. Not even been a year with it. But the last couple rides are registering speeds that are all out of whack, getting the auto-resume showing up while riding, etc. Cadence seems all right tho.

Don't have my other wheels on me, so haven't changed the magnet yet, but it hasn't acted up like this before. Was thinking to change the battery but thought I'd ask this fine group their thoughts first....

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Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
I mostly have problems with the HR sensor, and it's usually fixed by giving the strap a thorough wash.

With speed/cadence sensor issues I usually

  • Check magnet positions (spoke magnet shifted the other day for no obvious reason)
  • Check sensor position - it sometimes shifts on the chain stay
  • Reset the pairing between sensor and head unit
  • Replace the battery

If all that fails, as it did once, I'll try a different sensor. I have three - one on each bike. Turned out the sensor was faulty and I got it replaced.


Bokeh master
Sep 28, 2011
I have bumped mine cleaning the bike and it gave funky results until i re aligned it properly.


Jun 4, 2012
Try to check if you have the latest firmware. I bought a used one and the firmware was old. Several times when I used it my HR shoots up, also speed... and sometimes cadence registers 200 rpm (wow I must have fast legs)... after updating, those were gone.. now more stable... my constant problem now is cadence is not registering as I go out to ride...:(
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