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Review Garmin Edge 810

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
Not a review. Here's the Garmin product page.


ME: Before I purchase can you tell me whether the track recording problem in the Edge 800 has been fixed in the Edge 810? I refer to the problem with the Edge 800 crashing catastrophically after a 400 km ride and requiring a factory reset. I know this only affects a small number of users. But I think it should have been fixed by now and have been disappointed that successive firmware updates have not addressed it. Thanks

Seven days later...

GARMIN ASIA: Thanks for contacting GARMIN corp. Your mail has been forwarded on to us from Garmin International. I am happy to help. The Edge 810 is a new device and isn't based on the Edge 800 software. Please let me know if I may be of further assistance.

ME: * thinks :confused: & :confused: *

ME: Thank your for your reply. It doesn't really address my concern, so I will phrase it another way: What is the maximum distance that can be recorded in a single activity on the Edge 810?

Seven days later...

GARMIN ASIA: Thanks for contacting GARMIN corp. It had to do with following a course, and from what I can find it is still being looked into. If we find out anything else I will let you know.

ME: * No wiser. Wondering whether they can transfer my enquiry back to an actual Garmin R&D engineer instead of some salesman in Taiwan *


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Aug 27, 2012
You will need a bigger sample size for a fairer test.

Garmin 810s for everyone:bike:


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Hardest Crash
Jul 26, 2008
I've contacted them a couple times. My inquiry to the US site is always bounced to asia--I guess location trounces language (and service).

They just don't care, or are clueless about the world, or have that peculiarly US-centric view about how the world should be and should work.


Sep 2, 2009
I have one in my possession now.

What tests do you want me to run on it?


Sep 2, 2009
Crashed 4 times today, turned itself off, and lost the cadence - speed meter twice.

Nice OS update, Garmin...


Bokeh master
Sep 28, 2011
What I've noticed about the 810 is this it seems to be very generous in its elevation calculations!
Maybe I should get one!
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